our vision

komodal must wisely lead Humanity towards a harmonious and balanced life between our physical world and the synthetic universe of the metaverse.

At komodal, we believe the next iterations of the web and the future metaverse will further accelerate the transformation of our society in the coming decades. An anthropological revolution is looming.

our mission

komodal enlightens and guides in an ethical and positive way all organizations that wish to use virtual worlds and enter the metaverse.

At komodal, we authentically deploy the best services to own, invest, gather, work and learn through virtual worlds.

our core values

At komodal, our values ​​define and guide us. They are our foundation and at the core of  everything we do.

These values ​​are intrinsically linked and supported by the spirit of solidarity, sharing and benevolence that we advocate and imbue in each of our actions.


komodal is committed:
to its team well-being,
to its customer satisfaction,
to its partners success,
to ensure an ethical and positive metaverse.


komodal is singular:
through its unique positioning,
through its agnostic approach,
through the people that constitute it,
through its authentic vision of the metaverse.


komodal is bold:
in the path it takes,
in the ambitions it nurtures,
in the ideas it proposes,
in its guidance towards the metaverse.


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avatars hosted


successful operations


partners platforms


benchmarked solutions

our story

Born from a happy genetic mutation of the Laval Virtual association, komodal puts its expertise at the service of all companies wishing to take a position in the future metaverse and use virtual worlds in a relevant and effective way.


Virtualisation of Laval Virtual exhibition

A world first: in April 2020, the Laval Virtual association transforms its eponymous salon and virtualizes it. The Laval Virtual World welcomes, in the space of 3 days, more than 10,000 visitors to its virtual campus. This event gives birth to a team dedicated to the operation of virtual events.


Launch of the komodal brand

Following the success of the virtual events operated by the Laval Virtual teams, the association decided to launch a brand dedicated to this activity. Komodal is inaugurated in July 2021.


Official creation of komodal company

A year later, komodal leaves the cradle that was Laval Virtual and turns into an independent company. Komodal thus gains all the autonomy necessary to deliver an informed and quality service.


a key partner for solutions editors

To go further in its relationships of trust and reciprocity with publishers, komodal offers itself as a privileged partner and works alongside them to contribute to the development of their platforms.

By taking advantage of the knowledge, skills and high level of expertise acquired, our teams explore and experiment with virtual worlds to provide publishers with invaluable and essential feedback for the continuous improvement of their solutions.

partenaire komodal : virbela
partenaire komodal : teemew
partenaire komodal : virtway
partenaire komodal : aptero

a unique and qualified provider

For several years now, komodal has been linking and connecting users with the platforms best suited to their wishes, needs and environments, always following an agnostic and empirical approach.

Thanks to its singular history and its unique experience, fueled by the ecosystem of immersive technologies, komodal supports its customers in reading and understanding the metaverse, its challenges and its evolutions.

Virtual event or metaverse strategy, our experts guide you through each step via a tooled and proven process. Our teams study your tailor-made scenarios on a small and large scale on the best platforms on the market in order to refine and adjust your project.


a unique tool

In a constantly changing context, komodal exercises continuous monitoring to stay informed of the latest news on the metaverse market.

As a continuation of this work, komodal is developing its own tool to benchmark, according to an independent, rigorous and pragmatic methodology, all of the existing so-called “metaverse-ready” platforms. Each platform identified is characterized and filtered according to 100+ criteria defined by our experts in order to always offer users an answer that is as close as possible to their needs.

tailor-made solutions

Thanks to its unique and complete benchmark, komodal selects the best platforms on the market and advises each of its customers in a personalized and objective manner in the choice of applications adapted to their environment and their needs.

Via a range of highly complementary services, komodal guarantees a simplified handling, a smooth experience and quality monitoring, from the definition of the project to the operation of the chosen platform.