komodal is a leading provider of consulting services on virtual worlds and the future metaverse.

From a strategic to an operational level, komodal delivers expertise, knowledge and experiences to guide you towards the metaverse.

With its potential to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030,
metaverse is too big for companies to ignore“.

– McKinsey & Company

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komodal enlightens and guides in an ethical and positive way all organizations that wish to use virtual worlds and enter the metaverse.

To that end, we deploy the best services to invest, gather, work and learn through virtual worlds.


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Already more than 300 successful events operated on our partners’ platforms!

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In 2022, komodal helped Audencia achieve its strategic axis : Gaïa, a school for ecological and social transition and the generalized hybridization of education.

newen meta sky


In association with komodal and its partner Teemew, Newen has set itself the task of opening the first immersive European audiovisual marketplace, accessible from the web...

alstom university


In 2021, Alstom started a company project aiming at adopting a comprehensive approach to learning and organizational development via virtual worlds: komodal supported them in their project.

They trusted us

And share their experiences

Emilie McGlone

Fondatrice & CEO - PEACE BOAT US, ONU

During the United Nations World Oceans Week in 2020, we collaborated with Laval Virtual to host the first Ocean Innovation Hub. Their support services with our speakers but also for the setting up of the gallery space, the works, and the music were essential for the success of our virtual event. It was also important to have a multilingual team to ensure that the organizers were able to run the event for high-level partners.

Sabrina DAOUI

Cheffe de projet Direction des Affaires Scolaires Ecole des Métiers de la DASCO

We are very satisfy with the Komodal support.
The team is always available to help us and answer our questions. Laval/Komodal's expertise in the field of virtual reality is really an added value to guide us in our project. They start from our reality to accompany us in "a virtual in our reflection". Marie's team is very competent and concerned about the satisfaction of its customer!

Anthony Roux

Directeur Délégué aux OSI - Arts et Métiers

The Engineering Science Olympiads have been an unmissable event for more than 12 years for young high school students. The team carried out a very professional follow-up by respecting key progress points and made themselves available before, during and after our event! We were able to maintain our event, make it interactive, attractive for young high school students and meet our requirements in terms of presentations and sharing between participants.